REIDAR architectuur

Running Wood

‘Running Wood’ is about using simple geometrical forms to create complex spatial structures.
In this case a repetitive square creating a transparant box and 17 crosses consecutivily turned 10 degrees. From a distance, in frontal view, the centre of the cross is exploding in all directions, but contained within the square. While approaching it becomes clear the work is much more spacious.
Inside the space opens up, allowing the eye to experience the curved spaces.
As one moves through the object, some of the experience is physical and some is visual. There is a tension between the free fl owing space and the restricted route within the box. The crosses create an ever changing space but also force the observer to move from the left to right between the spaces on his way through. While moving in this direction the order of the curved space dissolves into chaos, turning back into a different order. Seeing it, wishing to be in the curved space but being unable to enter it, is the contradiction between body and
mind. The space of the square is always physical. The spectator is always aware of its containment. The half open walls of the box allow the sunlight in to play a beautiful game of light and shadow with the turning cross.